First blog post

This is my first post so I am deciding to just post facts for now. These are truths, some of which I haven’t told anyone. Some of which I lie about constantly. At least here, you wouldn’t honestly know if I am lying or not, good luck guessing.

  1. I am 23, currently living on my own.
  2. I have a love/hate relationship with the city I live in because it has it moments of being great, then quickly shot down by the lowlifes that crawl around like rats.
  3. I am in a relationship, but I know it is a dead end.
  4. I like someone else but this specific person has the worst mentality toward relationships I have ever seen.
  5. I am a reluctant night owl, I like to call this time solitaire induced insomnia.
  6. I have a major glitch toward conformity, not purposely inputted at all.
  7. I like horror movies, the gore and slashers make me happy deep down.
  8. I’m a self-righteous loose cannon.
  9. I was raped in high school and I still have to drive by the place almost everyday as a sick reminder.
  10. I haven’t told anyone yet that I might possibly have stomach cancer because it wouldn’t matter anyway. I can’t afford the tests to check and do not have healthcare. So if I die, everyone is going to be highly confused.

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